What to Expect at the Vet

At South Austin Cat Hospital, we strive to create a stress free visit for both you and your cat.

Benefits of Feline Exclusive Hospital

First and foremost, everyone who works at South Austin Cat Hospital is a cat-lover. That means we will treat your cat like our own. We understand that cats are not small dogs, and our recommendations will be tailored to the unique needs of your cat. Our team approach allows us to create individualized medical plans that work for both you and your cat.

Low-Stress Handling

Our entire facility is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind. From the exam room design to our paint color choices, South Austin Cat Hospital was built to be a low-stress veterinary clinic. Additionally, our entire staff is trained in the most current low-stress handling techniques. Here are just a few of the things we do to make the visit as relaxing as possible for your cat:

  • Create a quiet environment with absolutely no barking dogs
  • Allow your cat to set the pace of the visit
  • Examine your cat where she is most comfortable; this may be in the carrier, on the floor, or in our laps!
  • Never scruff or roughly handle your cat
  • Offer your cat food or catnip treats during the visit
  • Offer climbing and hiding places for your cat
  • Offer toys or play games with your cat
  • Play classical music recorded specifically for cats in the exam rooms
  • Feliway – all of our exam rooms are equipped with pheromone diffusers which help to lower your cat’s stress

You may also notice that our doctors generally do not wear the typical white lab coats seen in most veterinary hospitals. Recent research has shown that the color white appears very bright in the eyes of cats, and may signal danger. For this reason, we’ve chosen more soothing colors to your cat’s eyes.