Refund and Credits Policy


Deposits for SonoVet, Specialty Surgeries, Exams, In-House Abdominal Ultrasounds, or Behavioral consultations scheduled are non-refundable. 

  • Cancellations/Rescheduling/No-Show:
    • Within 24hrs or more: Deposits for in-room appointments, behavioral consultations, In-House abdominal ultrasounds, and health certificate appointments canceled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice will have their deposit in the Client’s account for later use. The cancellation/rescheduling must be requested during business hours on Saturdays for Monday appointments.
    • No Call/No Show: A Cancellation/No-Show fee will be applied to the Client’s account immediately, and the deposit will be used to cover that cost.
    • Specialty Surgeries or SonoVet: These procedures must be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, the third-party provider will charge the deposit as a cancellation fee.

Credits and refunds

  • Food, Purina, and Royal Canin Nutraceuticals: All prescription food, Purina Vetoquinol, and Royal Canin supplements carry a palatability warranty. If the Patient doesn’t like the product, the Client must bring it to us within 30 days of purchase, and we will issue a credit or refund.
  • Deposits made for appointments will be kept on the Client’s account as a credit to be used during said appointment unless a Cancelation/No-show Fee has been applied to their account.
  • Credits for overpayment or Client service reasons can be used for any service or product.
  • Cash, care credit, or credit card payments will only be refunded to the original payment form once management approves. If the original form of payment is unavailable, a credit to the Client’s account will be applied instead.
  • Refunds for payments made with checks are not possible, and an account credit for later use will be applied to the Client’s account once the credit has been approved.

Client Service Credit/Refund Timeline:

  • Investigation: Investigating a refund or credit request may take up to five business days. All parties involved in the issue will be interviewed by the Practice Manager, including the Client. If phone call recordings or video footage are available, those will also be reviewed.
  • Credits: Once the credit to the Client’s account has been approved, the Practice Manager will process it, and it will be available for use immediately. The Client may use a SACH account credit on any service or product.
  • Refunds: Once the credit to the Client’s account has been approved, the Practice Manager will process it. Keep in mind the following.
    • Refunds can only be posted to the original form of payment.
    • If a refund is requested the same day the payment was made, the transaction will take 1 – 2 business days to settle in the system. Once the transaction is settled, the refund can be processed. This specific scenario may delay the timeline for the Client to see the refund reflected in their credit card account.
    • Once a refund has been approved, the Practice Manager will process it. The refund may take 3-5 business days to reflect in the Client’s credit card account.


  • Requests for Credits or Refunds may only be submitted within 30 days of the original payment. We reserve the right to refuse the Client’s request on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we do not accept any returns after 30 days. 
  • By law, medications and medical supplies are non-returnable.