Meet the Staff

Hospital Leadership

Kristian – Practice Manager

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Kristian has loved cats of all sizes her entire life. As a small child, she began feeding strays and trying to love every feline she came across. She has consistently had a cat companion by her side since infancy and can’t imagine a life without one. Kristian moved to Austin from Kilgore, TX in 2011 to attend Texas State University. She currently lives in Dripping Springs with her partner and their five cats, Eli, Bowie, Freddie, Lou and Cricket. In her down time, she enjoys reading, watching Sci-Fi, and being outside whenever possible. She is thrilled to be managing an all feline facility and proud to be with South Austin Cat Hospital.

Carla – Veterinary Technician Manager

Carla was born in Mexico City where she studied Design & Visual Communication with a major in Photography. While visiting family for a wedding, Carla met her now-husband Albert and moved permanently to the US.

Carla realized that Graphic Design was not her vocation after a couple of years specializing in it. After a process of discernment and an epiphany, Carla stumbled upon the realization that she had been living her passion all along: animals! Carla enlisted in the Veterinary Assistant course at the Animal Behavior College and started her journey in the animal care world, before she was even finished she was hired as a Veterinary Technician here at SACH. After a couple of years with our family she was promoted to Veterinary Technician Manager and she couldn’t be happier to live her dream every day.

Carla is proud to be part of the South Austin Cat Hospital family and to continue on learning and growing with the hospital. She feels right at home in a practice where cat lovers are the norm. Carla has a big family with five cats, two dogs, and two chinchillas. In her free time she enjoys studying for her Licensed Veterinary Technician course, reading, watching movies, and playing video games, as well as spending time with her husband and fur babies.

Veterinary Technicians

Meg – Lead Veterinary Technician


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Meg moved to Austin from Albuquerque, NM in early 2019.

Meg fell in love with veterinary medicine during her junior year of high school when she started her first job in a vet clinic walking medical boarders after school. Since then, she’s worked in various different medical settings including a large animal practice in New Mexico and a primate sanctuary in South Africa.

While she loves all animals, cats have always been her favorite species to work with. She finds it fascinating to be able to communicate with them and to understand what they’re trying to communicate to her. They are always forthcoming with their emotions and there is nothing more rewarding than winning the trust of new cat.

Meg spends her free time on her property with her fiancee and their 7 cats, 3 dogs, 3 donkeys, 2 horses and 8 chickens or riding her motorcycle around the Texas Hill Country.

Casey – Lead Veterinary Technician


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A Texas native, Casey began working as a veterinary technician in 2011 at a clinic in Central Texas.  In 2013, Casey left Texas to study Animal Science at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Having a background in the veterinary field, Casey was able to work with a wide range of animals, from kangaroos to sloths, at a small zoo in Louisiana. In 2016 Casey returned home to continue her work in the veterinary field. After adopting her first kitty companion, Casey began to see a need for more feline focused technicians and quickly became passionate about providing feline friendly and Fear Free medicine. Casey is excited to be part of such a passionate and capable team.

Natascha – Lead Veterinary Technician


Natascha was born in Honolulu, Hawaii while her dad was attending The University of Hawaii getting his PhD in biophysics. She spent a lot of time in labs with her dad as a kid, spurring her love for science. Natascha has loved cats ever since infancy, and has never been without a cat in her entire life. She started her involvement in feline welfare by volunteering with Houston based shelters in 2010. Natascha started working for APA! in 2015 after moving to Austin to attend college at The University of Texas, and quickly started the APA! Cat Matchmakers Program that very year. The Matchamkers program goal was to provide better quality adoption matches and to advocate for special needs cat adoptions. In 2017, she become the feline leukemia research coordinator for a large two year study funded by Maddie’s on best FeLV testing practices in shelters. She has overseen the intake and placement of over 1,000 FeLV cats since 2017. Wanting to learn more about private practice and specifically cat specialty medicine, Natascha left the shelter world to join the SACH team. In her spare time, Natascha is involved in several feline research studies, plays video games, and goes on hikes. She shares her home with four cats named Kaiju Murderfloof, Berlioz, Willow, and Little Bird, a dog named Stitch, and an ever-rotating array of foster cats. Natascha continues to be a no-kill advocate with a focus on cats with special needs, FeLV, and other medical or behavioral challenges.

Ash – Veterinary Technician

Ashley is the lead veterinary technician.

A native Austinite who spent their teenage years in Bastrop living with their grandmother, Ash started their veterinary-exclusive career in 2011 at a rural large and small animal practice. They quickly moved back to Austin and worked at a couple local hospitals before learning about Cat Friendly Certified clinics and feline specialisation in general. Ash recognised the strong need for a low stress and feline-focused veterinary setting and found SACH in 2017. Ash has a particular fondness for “spicy” and geriatric felines.

Ash lives with their soul cat, Cassius, and Chloe, one of the former SACH clinic cats, along with their partner Dan and his dog, Bentley. All rescues, Cassius was adopted at a local shelter in 2011 when she was 7 years old. Chloe was officially adopted following Cassius’s diagnosis of GI cancer in late 2018. When not helping improve the welfare of cats, Ash enjoys playing video games, board games, watching old television series, saving spiders, and napping at home.

Amanda – Veterinary Technician

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Amanda moved to Austin in 2012 to go to St. Edward’s University. She graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Bioinformatics in 2016. During college she met her life long partner, Jay. They moved in together into a cooperative in Austin called Sasona where she first lived with cats. Having grown up with two dogs she had not been exposed to the awesomeness of cats. The many cats in the co-op showed her the loving and inquisitive nature of these furry friends. This was when she realized she had a HUGE love for felines. She adopted her first cat, Gucci, becoming a true cat mom. During the summer of 2019 she had a kitten pass away that was the catalyst for her motivation. When adopting her second cat, Bean, she became aware of the need for fosters in the Austin area. She then started fostering for Austin Pets Alive!, with an inclination towards pregnant queens and neonatal kittens. Fostering for Amanda was a way to make a difference in the homeless population of cats. Her first foster fail was Sweetie, a pregnant diluted tortie. Her love for learning and passion for cats lead her SACH. Her mission is to help felines maintain healthy lives. In her down time, Amanda likes training her three cats to do tricks to enrich their lives.

Technician Assistants

Moodie – Hospital Assistant

Moodie moved from New Jersey to Texas at the age of 12. For most of their teenage years they lived in the small town of Cuero where they had the chance to care for chickens, ducks, their family dog, and their previous cat. Moodie found their first cat, Sokka, underneath their house and devoted all of their time taking care of their first official cat. Moodie had to educate themselves quickly when Sokka first got sick. But, since then all they wanted to do was take care of animals anyway possible. They got the opportunity of a lifetime to move to San Marcos to work in Kyle at a local animal hospital and from then on, Moodie has been working in the animal field for 3 years and is in hopes of someday becoming a veterinarian technician. Their hopes are seeming more and more of reality once hired at SACH in 2021.

Moodie lives with their partner, Caelan, and 2 amazing cats, Sokka and Jiji. Outside of work, Moodie is an artist, plays guitar, loves going to local house shows, collects VHS tapes, and plays video games.

Veterinary Receptionists

Genieve – Lead Veterinary Receptionist


Genieve moved to Texas in 2015 after completing her degree at Florida State University. She has previously worked in human health care administration and, as a lifelong animal lover, is thrilled to make the transition to a feline practice. She has one rescue cat who she is completely devoted to. In her spare time, Genieve enjoys reading, video games, knitting and collecting even more hobbies.

Jocelyn – Veterinary Receptionist

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Jocelyn was born and raised just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. There, she fostered a love for cats as she grew up with various feline family members. In 2016, Jocelyn found her sweet kitty, Watson, alone in a forest after a storm. No owner could be found and Watson has stayed by her side ever since. In 2019, the family gained another member when Dosa was adopted from a no-kill, cat-exclusive shelter.  Jocelyn and her husband, along with Watson and Dosa, moved to Austin in 2020. In her former position as a park ranger, she encountered all kinds of animals. However, cats have been Jocelyn’s favorite animal for her entire life, and she is stoked to be able to work in a cat-centric veterinary practice!

Alexis – Veterinary Receptionist

Alexis was born and raised here in Austin, TX. She has previous experience working with animals as she started volunteering at a local animal clinic at the age of 14. Once she was of the legal working age she was employed by the same clinic. After 4 years of working there, she decided she was ready to try something new. While working in the retail industry, she realized that her heart was still in veterinary medicine. She is more than excited to be back in this field once again!

Clinic Cats

Tippy Toes – Director of Staff Morale

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Princess Chloe – Clinic Supermodel (Retired)

A beautiful, fluffy, and healthy Princess Chloe visits the veterinarian for specialized feline care.