Meet Our Team

Hospital Leadership

Carla – Practice Manager

Carla was born in Mexico City where she studied Design & Visual Communication with a major in Photography. While visiting family for a wedding, Carla met her now-husband Albert and moved permanently to the US.

Carla realized that Graphic Design was not her vocation after a couple of years specializing in it. After a process of discernment and an epiphany, Carla stumbled upon the realization that she had been living her passion all along: animals! Carla enlisted in the Veterinary Assistant course at the Animal Behavior College and started her journey in the animal care world, before she was even finished she was hired as a Veterinary Technician here at SACH. After a couple of years with our family she was promoted to Veterinary Technician Manager and she couldn’t be happier to live her dream every day.

Carla is proud to be part of the South Austin Cat Hospital family and to continue on learning and growing with the hospital. She feels right at home in a practice where cat lovers are the norm. Carla has a big family with six cats, two dogs, and two chinchillas. In her free time she enjoys studying for her Licensed Veterinary Technician course, reading, watching movies, and playing video games, as well as spending time with her husband and fur babies.

Casey – Veterinary Technician Manager


A Texas native, Casey began working as a veterinary technician in 2011 at a clinic in Central Texas.  In 2013, Casey left Texas to study Animal Science at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Having a background in the veterinary field, Casey was able to work with a wide range of animals, from kangaroos to sloths, at a small zoo in Louisiana. In 2016 Casey returned home to continue her work in the veterinary field. After adopting her first kitty companion, Casey began to see a need for more feline focused technicians and quickly became passionate about providing feline friendly and Fear Free medicine. Casey is excited to be part of such a passionate and capable team.

Michelle – Reception Manager

Michelle was born and raised in Canada and moved to Austin, Texas in 2016. She has always had a strong connection to animals and discovered her love for cats after spending the night at a friend’s house where an extremely affectionate cat named Vinny lived. She then attended Bow Valley College to pursue a career working with animals and has been a Veterinary Technician for the last 6 years. Michelle is an advocate for Fear Free practices and is excited to work in an environment where feline patients receive the best care possible. In her spare time, she likes to go hiking, make art, and make videos of her famous cat Chupie the Chupacabra.

Veterinary Technicians

Natascha – Veterinary Technician, IV

Natascha was born in Honolulu, Hawaii while her dad was attending The University of Hawaii to get his Ph.D. in biophysics. She spent a lot of time in labs with her dad as a kid, spurring her love for science. Natascha has loved cats ever since infancy and has never been without a cat in her entire life. She started her involvement in feline welfare by volunteering with Houston-based shelters in 2010. Natascha started working for APA! in 2015 after moving to Austin to attend college at The University of Texas, and quickly started the APA! Cat Matchmakers Program that very year. The Matchmakers program’s goal was to provide better quality adoption matches and to advocate for special needs cat adoptions. In 2017, she become the feline leukemia research coordinator for a large two-year study funded by Maddie’s on best FeLV testing practices in shelters. She has overseen the intake and placement of over 1,000 FeLV cats since 2017. Wanting to learn more about private practice and specifically cat specialty medicine, Natascha left the shelter world to join the SACH team. In her spare time, Natascha is involved in several feline research studies, plays video games, and goes on hikes. She shares her home with four cats named Kaiju Murderfloof, Berlioz, Willow, and Little Bird, a dog named Stitch, and an ever-rotating array of foster cats. Natascha continues to be a no-kill advocate with a focus on cats with special needs, FeLV, and other medical or behavioral challenges.

urtney – Veterinary Technician, III

Born and raised in Houston, Kourtney moved to Austin in 2016 to complete her degree in Environmental Science and Policy at St. Edward’s University. Having grown up with a menagerie of different pets and the influence of characters like Dr. Doolittle and James Harriot, Kourtney always dreamed of becoming a vet. As she got older, other interests led her in a different direction for schooling, but she continued to nurture her passion for animals by volunteering at animal shelters, working at a wildlife center, and rehabbing neonatal opossums!

After the pandemic derailed plans in 2020, she seized the opportunity for change and started working as a vet tech in the neonatal kitten nursery at Austin Pets Alive! where she truly realized her love of cats. After a year of working in the shelter world, she decided to expand her horizons into feline-specific private practice and found her way to SACH. Kourtney is thrilled to be surrounded by fellow feline enthusiasts and to be able to provide excellent care to all of your furry family members.

Kourtney shares her home with her partner, her tripod pup, Cali, her 3 resident kitties- Cooper, Joey, and Zalien- plus her “foster” kitten, Lola. When she’s not caring for animals, Kourtney enjoys spending time outside, reading, and practicing photography.

Kelsey – Veterinary Technician, II

Originally from Houston, Kelsey moved to San Marcos with her partner in 2015. She has always had a passion for animals, and when asked at a young age what she wanted to be when she grew up, the response given most often was “a cat”. That dream was always doomed to fail, but Kelsey went for the next best thing which was a career in animal care.

Kelsey currently attends Texas State pursuing a degree in Wildlife Biology and hopes to eventually open her own wildlife rehabilitation center. In the meantime, she devotes her time, love, and attention to her 3 dogs- Beth, Cash, and Nyx- and her 2 cats- Ba’al and Zelda. When she has any time left she enjoys reading, video games, cooking, and spending time on the river.

Helena – Veterinary Technician, IV

Helena is a native of the Rio Grande Valley, where she began her career as a Veterinary Technician in 1991. For most of her career, she has worked at mixed practices in Texas, Maine, and Minnesota. She learned early on that she has a special affinity for cats and has been an advocate for using low-stress techniques to make their veterinary visits more comfortable. She is very proud to work at an all-feline practice where everyone is passionate about improving the lives of feline companions, using fear-free techniques. 

Helena lives with her wife Sarah and two very sweet cats, Mojo and Mochi. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, bird watching, photography, and nature hikes. Helena also enjoys cooking and the challenge of making traditional Mexican recipes vegan-friendly.

Brit – Licensed Veterinary Technician

Brittany was born in Trinidad, CO, and spent many years traveling with her family across central and western United States before settling in Midland, TX. Brittany’s crazy cat lady status started at the age of five when her family adopted a beautiful Himalayan boy who slept on her head every night. It didn’t take long to realize there was a special connection between her and cats.

After marrying her husband JJ in 2013 they promptly moved to Boulder, CO. Brittany attended the highly regarded Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Aurora, CO, and graduated in 2017. Shortly after graduating she spent two and a half years as the lead CVT at an all-cat clinic. Ready for the next stage of life Brittany and JJ moved to beautiful Austin, TX in 2021. Brittany is proud to join the SACH family to continue learning and growing as well as helping clients and their feline companions in the Austin, TX area!

Brittany and JJ have three wonderfully bratty cats named Cheddar, Bacon, and Mac (short for Mac n Cheese)! When not working, she can be found paddleboarding on Lake Travis, playing video games, posting photos of her cats on social media, and enjoying life as an eternal human servant for her three cats.

Kimi – Veterinary Technician, III

Born in Oklahoma and raised in Austin, TX, Kimi started her career in medicine as a registered nurse. She began fostering kittens for a local animal shelter and fell completely in love with caring for them and helping them to grow happy and healthy.  Her passion for animals led her to veterinary medicine, and she began working as a veterinary technician in 2020 at the shelter where she volunteered.  She has a special love of cats, and her devotion to them led her to South Austin Cat Hospital.  Kimi adores all cats and enjoys working with senior cats in particular.

Kimi shares her home with one cat, Herman.  Herman came to her as a single bottle-baby found by the ASPCA while they were doing relief work after a hurricane.  From day one, she started calling him her son, and they have been a happy family ever since.

Anita – Veterinary Technician

Anita, a central Texas native, grew up in the Austin area. She has loved animals from a young age, especially cats and rabbits. In 2017 Anita started working with cats at Austin Pets Alive! and spent the next five years aiding in the rescue, care, and adoption of thousands of cats. She was the Ringworm Cat Manager at APA from 2018 to 2022. During her time at the shelter, Anita became an advocate for reducing fear, anxiety, and stress and creating a Fear Free environment for the cats. Looking for a change of pace, Anita is excited to join the SACH team and expand her cat care skills.

Anita shares her home with her husband, father-in-law, and ten cats! In her free time, Anita loves reading, costuming, and doll customization.

Candice – Veterinary Technician

Candice Thompson is a native Austinite! She was born and raised in Austin, Texas, in the early 1990s to a family of animal lovers. Growing up, she had many different types of animals from snakes and other reptiles to cats and dogs and even horses. She always brought home orphaned, abandoned, or injured cats and kittens, much to her parent’s dismay, and nursed them back to health. Instead of children’s books and Saturday cartoons, her favorite TV shows consisted of nature documentaries and animal-focused textbooks. She wanted to be a wildlife biologist and animal behaviorist.

In 2010, however, her focus shifted to rescue work when she started doing summer volunteer work at her local animal center. She worked primarily with cats and kittens, fell utterly head over heels for rescue work, and has never looked back. She comes to SACH with over a decade of feline shelter work and a love of science and vet med. She strives to help people help their beloved felines through education, compassion, and humane advocacy.

Candice has three cats of her own and a 22-year-old ball python!

She calls her three black cats her “Army of Darkness” or “Little Halloween Mafia.” Outside of work, she also does equine and ranch-hand work. Candice has a variety of hobbies such as crocheting, crafting, the occasional painting or carpenter project, doing DIY projects, and PC gaming, and if the weather allows, hiking and indoor rock climbing, or “sissy rock climbing” is what she refers it to.

Veterinary Assistants

Abigail – Veterinary Assistant

Growing up in Abilene TX, Abigail always had a passion for animals. From taking in neighborhood strays to nursing injured birds back to health, she always found herself caring for them. In high school, Abigail began volunteering at an emergency clinic as well as joining the FFA, where she would take veterinary medicine classes. After graduation, Abigail moved to San Marcos with her best friends and continued to pursue her dream of a career in animal care by joining SACH.

In her spare time, Abigail enjoys watching movies, making art, playing video games, and obsessing over her adorable King Charles Spaniel, Honey.

Veterinary Receptionists

Alexis – Veterinary Receptionist, IV

Alexis was born and raised here in Austin, TX. She has previous experience working with animals as she started volunteering at a local animal clinic at the age of 14. Once she was of the legal working age she was employed by the same clinic. After 4 years of working there, she decided she was ready to try something new. While working in the retail industry, she realized that her heart was still in veterinary medicine. She is more than excited to be back in this field once again!

Clinic Cats

Tippy Toes – Director of Staff Morale

Princess Chloe – Clinic Supermodel (Retired)

A beautiful, fluffy, and healthy Princess Chloe visits the veterinarian for specialized feline care.