Cat Care: Diagnostics

South Austin Cat Hospital offers an array of diagnostic testing.

Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure in cats is challenging for a variety of reasons. At South Austin Cat Hospital, we are equipped with Doppler technology to get the most accurate results possible. We also routinely perform blood pressure screenings for our senior feline patients.

Blood Analysis & Urine Testing

Using both in-house and reference laboratories, we are able to perform complete health screenings. We recommend pre-anesthetic lab work prior to all surgical or dental procedures in order to minimize the risks of anesthesia. We also use lab work as wellness screening for adult cats and to help diagnosis illness when your cat is sick. These tests allow us to screen for and monitor a wide array of diseases, including chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes mellitus.


Our DR digital x-ray equipment allows us to get the highest quality radiograph imaging currently available in veterinary medicine within seconds. With this technology, we are also able to email digital copies of your cat’s radiographs to you, or to different veterinary specialists, when needed.


South Austin Cat Hospital is also equipped with an in-house ultrasound unit. This form of imaging is often used in conjunction with radiographs to better assess what is happening internally in your cat.


Some diagnoses require microscopic evaluation of samples. We use a combination of in-house evaluation and evaluation of samples by clinical pathologists at our reference laboratory.