Feline Dentistry

Dental disease may result in tartar buildup, gingivitis, bad breath, tooth root infections, loose or missing teeth, and pain in your cat’s mouth. Cats are also prone to resorptive lesions; similar to cavities, these lesions are actual holes in the tooth that lead to pain, discomfort, and tooth loss. To combat dental disease, a combination of at-home dental care and veterinary dental care is recommended.

At South Austin Cat Hospital we are equipped to perform COHAT (Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment). During the dental procedure, your cat’s teeth will be scaled and polished, full-mouth intraoral digital radiographs will be taken, a complete oral exam will be performed, including measuring of any periodontal pockets, and all signs of dental disease will be charted. Additional dental work, such as tooth extraction, crown amputation, or antibiotic therapy may be recommended based on the severity of dental disease and the findings during the dental procedure.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your cat, dental procedures do require general anesthesia; please visit our surgery page to learn more about the steps we take to minimize the risks of anesthetic procedures.

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