Contactless Visits

In an effort to help maintain social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing precautions to reduce human-to-human contact. In order to keep the entire SACH family safe, including clients, patients, and staff, we will be closing our lobby, but we can still see your cat(s)!

Upon arrival for your appointment, please call us at 512-910-2287 for check-in. A technician will gather information about your kitty and coordinate transfer of the kitty from your vehicle to the clinic for his or her visit. We will perform an exam and services via phone call or video chat (using Zoom) with the doctor.

Once the exam or other services are complete, the doctor or other staff will call you with visit details and to finalize your visit. We will collect payment over the phone or online. We will then transfer kitty and any prescribed medications back to your vehicle.

*We ask that all patients be brought to the clinic in a secure carrier to further facilitate minimal person-to-person contact.

Please note: While interacting with our staff, we require that all clients wear a mask!

Telemedicine Consultations

If you are an existing client, and your cat has a non-urgent issue, we are now offering Telemedicine Consultations!

This is a special service that we are only offering to our established clients and patients in order to ensure you still get everything you need from us without having to leave the safety & comfort of your own home. There is a small charge for the consultation, and we may ask you to help us virtually “examine” your cat, so please have your cat nearby at the time of your consultation.

Because we are operating with a skeleton crew within the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic, the doctors’ ability to return phone calls and emails in a timely fashion is limited. Scheduling a Telemedicine Consultation ensures you will have adequate time to discuss all of your concerns to address your cat’s needs!